• Stars in my eyes

    Well, that was exciting! A trip to the Sky TV studios, working with a brilliant production team and one of comedy's big names. And yes, one's lips are still sealed for the time being, even though one is busting to tell you all!

    Reassuring to be greeted by the hair and make-up department who wondered if I really WAS Camilla! Lovely.

    Strange to be working with folk that you normally only see on the telly and actually making physical contact with them (not too physical you understand!)

    Good too to see some huge smiles on the faces of the production team when we'd finished. Move over Tracey Ullman...



  • (The) Sky's the Limit!

    Well yes, it has been a long, long time. A very quiet few months on the royal lookey-likey front for all the family alas. The political scene sems to have sapped a lot of the attention but not to worry, all is not lost. Things are looking up! In fact, as my strap-line suggests, I'm off to London for some fun on Thursday doing a stint for TV. As usual one's lips are sealed but one will report back as soon as one is allowed to. Watch this space!



  • I've been framed (well almost)

    Great to get my copy of Alison Jackson's new book 'Private' and to see some of the images from the various shoots that we've shared over the past couple of years. Even better was to see a couple of shots that hadn't been published but were awaiting the release of the new publication.

    Kate lookalike Gabriella Munro-Douglas and I had great fun reading the Kama Sutra together and the image has to be a favourite for me. However, a slightly more provocative shot is the one of me wearing the crown whilst knocking back a G&T and having a ciggie. (Not easy to knock a drink back when you've got a couple of kilos on the top of your head! Now I understand what it must feel like for the Queen when she wears the real one)

    What I wasn't prepared for as a spin-off of the shoot came as a bit of a surprise! As a keen Camilla follower (for obvious reasons) I have a Google alert that brings anything Camilla-related to my attention (alongside anything that Alison is up to). So, it was rather a weird experience to discover that a London art gallery (that will remain nameless) was actually selling the image of me wearing the crown. That in itself was a little surreal but then I discovered the price tag!! The medium sized print is available for a mere £9000 plus VAT. (And yes, that is three noughts after the 9). However this does include framing and free delivery within London. I'm still trying to get my head round the idea.

    There are more fun images in the book which is available from Amazon, price £14.99. (However, there are two editions so make sure you get number 2 which has the royal selfie on the front.)

    Methinks I ought to be on commission and increasing my fee! Nevertheless it's a lot of fun and we do enjoy working with Alison. (Do have a look at some of her inspired work covering the US election. Her Trump is one of the best lookalikes in the business.)



  • Cover Story

    Well, it's all been very quiet on the lookey-likey front this side of the water but in America Alison Jackson is making mincemeat out of Donald Trump! Her recent photo shoot for Vanity Fair is a triumph and rumour has it that more fun and games are in the pipeline.

    It appears that Alison has been busy behind the scenes putting together two editions of her book Private and it was good news to discover that one version actually carries my photo along with the other 'Royals'. It's published today so if you want to buy a copy then Amazon is the place to go. Strangely enough I have no idea if I appear inside the book or not so I'm looking forward to getting my pre-ordered copy any day!



  • There's no place like home!

    I have my family to thank for roping me in to making an appearance at the wonderful Hillcrest Care Home in Northumberland. Having made out that they knew the real Camilla (naughty!) they eventually had to come clean and admit that they only knew HRH's lookalike, namely me.

    Unperturbed by this admission the manager was nevertheless keen for me to go and pay the residents a visit so I turned up in lookey-likey mode as instructed.

    I've always been a bit unsettled by nursing homes for all the obvious reasons and have admired the way that the real Duchess of Cornwall has learned to cope with a sometimes harrowing agenda of meeting folk who are facing enormous difficulties in their lives. She frequently makes visits to hospitals and homes dealing with all manner of difficulties. Each Christmas she invites a group of terminally ill children, accompanied by their parents, to Clarence House where they decorate the Christmas tree. Having worked with terminally ill children I recognise what a hugely emotional task that is. Likewise her work with the victims of rape and domestic abuse which, strangely enough I have also worked with. However, I was fortunate to receive regular training and occasionally emotional support. I wonder, however, if anyone is in the background to support HRH who has clearly been extremely emotional on some of her visits.

    I'm a bit of a softie when it comes to sad stories and I have to confess that I was feeling a bit daunted by my visit as the residents are suffering from various stages of dementia. However, I need not have worried. The lovely manager along with one of the residents showed me around the home and introduced me to everyone (apart from a couple of ladies who were in too deep a sleep and a republican who clearly did NOT want to meet 'The Duchess of Cornwall'!) It was lovely to see so many folk delighted to receive a visit and very moving to learn of their personal life stories. The whole visit was conducted with absolute respect and dignity and it was obvious that the staff were folk who were in the right line of work, all of them caring and compassionate and happy in their jobs.

    I have to confess to getting a bit choked up on a couple of occasions, especially when it came to seeing my own relative. Sadly I can't include photos of other residents for obvious reasons but below are a few memories of the day. I'm sure that the ladies and gentlemen who have made their home at Hillcrest are in very safe and caring hands.



Welcome to the blog for Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall Lookalike, Jane Mosse. I hope to give you an insight into what life is like when the world thinks you look like someone else!

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