• A Royal Command Perfomance and a touch of drama!

    People tend to think that being a lookalike must be good fun and even, at times, quite glamorous, especially for we Royal lookey-likeys. Mmm. Well some of the time maybe. However, I do begin to get tired of lonely nights in hotel rooms awaiting a horribly early start the next morning, trying to sleep upright so as not to wreck the carefully shaped coiffure.

    So, when I found myself yet again heading for an overnight stay in London a few weeks ago I decided instead to go to the theatre. A quick search on the internet brought a new production to light: the now famous Cressida Bonas in a one-man show 'An Evening with Lucian Freud.

    Regular followers of my blog will recall me saying that I am a great admirer of Freud's work. I was also quite curious to have a look at Cressida in the flesh, so, having read some encouraging reviews I booked my ticket on line.

    For those of you who are not up to speed with the Royal Romance, Cressida was Prince Harry's girl for several months before deciding that it wasn't going to be a long-term realtionship. While Harry nursed his wounds Cressida (who has studied dance and performing arts) launched herself into her career. This involved a rather Isadora Duncan like advert for Mulberry, closely followed by her one man show.

    It was only after I'd booked my ticket that I discovered that Kate lookalike, Jodie Bredo, was also booked into the same hotel for the night. It seemed a rather silly situation so I got in touch and suggested that she might like to join me at the theatre.

    It was only after Jodie had managed to book her ticket that it occurred to me that the audience might be a little bemused to see Kate and Camilla attending the show, especially with the recent family connection. I was proved right!

    As Jodie had arrived late at the hotel I suggested that we got a taxi to the theatre. The performance was at the Leicester Square Theatre which, I had read, is a converted cinema. It also stated that entry after the play had begun was not permitted. So, as we pulled up with only eight minutes to spare I was slightly anxious that things might get rather interesting, especially as there were no seat numbers on the tickets and it was a 'first there first served' sort of place!

    To my horror the theatre was one of the smallest performance spaces I have ever been in. It was only a bit bigger than my bedroom (and that is by no means a big space!) As we entered 'The Lounge' (as it's called) we found that we were actually having to walk along the front row of only five rows of chairs, about fifty in all, in full view of the audience. The thetre was virtually full and the only two seats were at the far side of this rather intimate space.

    The moment we walked in the elbows started nudging and heads started nodding in our direction.

    Now my way of dealing with this sort of scenario is simply to play it cool and let the audience think what they like. Keep smiling and look relaxed. However, Jodie decided that she just had time to go and get us a glass of wine from the bar and very bravely got up, walked back across the front of the theatre and returned with two glasses for us to enjoy during the performance.Needless to say this had caused much confusion amongst those who had decided that we were the real deal. Would Kate really be heading for the bar to get a glass in for Camilla?

    Well, I have to say, Cressida was wonderful (and stunningly beautiful, and yes, I have to confess I kept imagining her between the sheets with Harry). She was on stage (or rather no more than four feet in front of us on the floor) for just over an hour and played a very convincing Laura, a student invited to visit the infamous Lucian Freud in his studio. To hear her talking about her part and to read more about the play click here.

    It was already quite late by the time we left the theatre but we managed to get a table at Franco's in Jermyn Street (if you haven't been there then do try it. Lovely people and yummy Italian cuisine). So if you're reading this and you were at Franco's that night and thought that you were dining in Royal company, I hate to disappoint you but we weren't the real deal, just a couple of lookey-likeys out on the town!


Welcome to the blog for Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall Lookalike, Jane Mosse. I hope to give you an insight into what life is like when the world thinks you look like someone else!

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