• Agent Provocateur

    My four years in the lookey-likey business has taught me a lot in a short time, especially in relation to working with agents.

    In my previous working life I was taught the basic rules of courtesy and a good few people skills. Sadly these are not always evident with some agents. I know that my experience rings true with even the most experienced of the folk that I work with in the lookey-likey world. I'd like to give you a little example:

    I receive an email from an agent wondering about my availability for a job. He tells me briefly what the job will involve and what is expected of me. It sounds okay so I agree to consider it. I receive an email back from the agent who is thrilled that I am available, punctuating his reply with 'Amazing!' They need to consult some other lookey-likeys and will get back to me.

    I hear nothing.

    Another agent makes contact for another job at around the same time. It would seem sensible to arrange travel around both jobs but I am still waiting for confirmation from Agent No 1.

    I send Agent No 1 a polite email wondering if there is any confirmation of the venue for the event. I receive an automated reply saying that Agent No 1 is on holiday and will not be able to receive emails. They will be back four days before I am expected to appear at their client's event. (Please note, I have no idea who the client is and won't normally until the day. This means that you could be working for Rod Stewart or Poundstretcher)

    Agent No 1's email states that if I need to make contact urgently then to ring the sales department of the company that he works for. I do. They tell me that Agent No 1 works remotely and that they haven't a clue who I am or what I'm talking about. They suggest that I forget the job and go for the other one with Agent No 2! Thanks!

    Then I receive an email from Agent No 1 who is suddenly in receipt of his emails, even though he is on holiday and, guess what? He was JUST about to contact me. Well I never. The reason he hadn't been in touch was because he hadn't heard anything from the client but he just has and sorry, but I'm not on the list as their budget doesn't quite stretch to involving as many people as they'd hoped.

    Ten minutes later Agent No 1 sends another email. He had sent me an email but it was stuck in his outbox!!!!????? Of course.

    Agent No 2, on the other hand, is polite, on the ball, efficient, professional and has persuaded me to do a job that will pay peanuts. Frankly I don't care about the peanuts but it's a joy to be working with someone reliable who doesn't try and fob me off with stories to mask their inefficiency.

    Meanwhile, my friends who are going ahead with the job for Agent No 1 are still wondering where it's happening. Well, it's only a day away. No worries there then!


Welcome to the blog for Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall Lookalike, Jane Mosse. I hope to give you an insight into what life is like when the world thinks you look like someone else!

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