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    The world of lookalikes is undoubtedly a strange one. The fine line between one's doppelganger and oneself can become strangely blurred at times.

    The life of a lookalike agency has been a real life comedy situation waiting to be discovered and the recent programme being aired on Channel 4, Lookalikes, is evidence of that. Andy Harmer, who is himself a Beckham lookalike, runs an agency which boasts a wonderful cast list. The series explores the rather surreal day to day life of the agency with its many ups and downs.

    While most of the programme is a side-splitting laugh there are occasional insights into the real issues faced by both the agency and the lookailke. One of the worst is obviously the death of one's doppelganger (consider the demise of the Diana lookailkes whose income evaporated overnight) but perhaps even more concerning are the Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savilles who would probably be safer walking around in a hoodie than flaunting their looks to the world now.

    The popularity of a lookalike is a reflection of what is happening in the real world. Fame can dissolve overnight but it can also arrive like a thunderbolt. Girls who resemble Kate Middleton came onto the scene in their scores when it became clear that Kate was to be married to William. Since then the major events that have so far punctuated their lives have brought work for the lookalikes. Young girls with long brown hair in blue dresses decorated the media for several weeks. However, the number of really convincing 'Kates' has been whittled down to a handful. Heidi Agen and Jodie Bredo remain the most popular, each having an uncanny resemblance to the real deal. The now recognised 'Kate effect' where products worn and used by Kate sell out overnight have brought about many opportunities for work for the girls.

    Needless to say the 'Queen' never ceases to be on the wanted list. Her up-and-coming birthday has meant that there have been endless requests for her lookalike to be hired. Mary Reynolds, who has become the most popular Queen lookalike, frequently travels the world and has recently been working in Turkey, Germany, Scotland and Holland. Quite where she finds the energy I do not know!

    Meanwhile Charles and Camilla bumble along as do their real life counterparts: often third choice on anyone's list of Royals. However, Guy Ingle who is renowned for his impressions of HRH has perfected all the mannerisms and the voice of our future King. Short of the Queen dying it's difficult to know when things will change!

    And as for Camilla? Well, she's simply marvelous!!


Welcome to the blog for Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall Lookalike, Jane Mosse. I hope to give you an insight into what life is like when the world thinks you look like someone else!

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