• Game over!!

    Confession time. I hate football. I haven't been to a match since Hereford United stuffed Newcastle (my home team) in the early 1970s (made worse by the fact that I'd foolishly said that I'd drink a pint of Newcastle Brown Ale for every goal scored).

    As a result of my never wanting to voluntarily do anything football related (even the theme tune to Match of the Day sends me running) I become increasinlgy irritated when Twitter becomes littered with football related tweets throughout the weekend.

    However, as a result of Leicester's recent achievement (only don't ask me what it is as I don't have any understanding of leagues/associations or divisions or whatever they call them) the one image that kept jumping onto Twitter was that of Jamie Vardy and a guy called Lee Chapman who just happens to bear a striking resemblance to Vardy.

    Where my interest lies has nothing to do with Leicester's success (sorry Nina Stibbe) but with the reaction that the media has had to someone who just happens to look like someone else. Lee Chapman is not a celebrity but the world is responding to him as though he himself had scored the winning goal in whatever that match was. His strange journey to fame, beginning with being invited to join the team on their bus, has recently led to him being mobbed, needing police protection and being featured in a multitude of articles in the press and on social media.

    This brings me to the point that, as a lookalike, even when people know you're not the real deal they behave as though you are. Consequently when 'Posh and Becks' went to Japan, when 'Kate and Wills' went to Australia and when newly discovered 'Kate' (Heidi Agan) went to New York, they were all mobbed and ended up needing protection from the crowds.

    I'm pleased to say that my work has never, as yet, attracted this type of attention. I'm careful where I go and what I choose to do. I get the occasional curtsey from the locals in M&S and many a stare or a request for a photo when I am working but I've never, thank goodness, been mobbed.

    With an open-air job coming up in London next week maybe I should be employing a couple of body-guards? Let's hope not!


Welcome to the blog for Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall Lookalike, Jane Mosse. I hope to give you an insight into what life is like when the world thinks you look like someone else!

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