• Hello again!

    So sorry dear blog-followers to have been absent for such a long time. Life demanded an escape to la bella Italia and, as a result, an absence of contact with the real world. So, here I am, back again and with stories to share!

    Firstly, as I have mentioned before, probably the most important feature for any look-alike is their hair. Hence, when I found my hair growing horribly quickly in the heat of the Italian sun, I decided that a hair-cut was essential. Horror! First of all much swotting up of vocabulary and then the making of the appointment. All went well but as I approached the dreaded day I realised that I really did have to get the message across to the hairdresser that she had to get this right!

    This inevitably involved me explaining (in my limited Italian) that I was a lookalike and that my hair was MOLTO IMPORTANTE!!! (An added problem here is that, like the French, hair is plural not singular, which makes sense if you think about it).

    I had taken the precaution of putting some photos of me as Camilla in my bag and was also armed with some photos of the real Camilla so that they could get the cut right. All was going well until I produced the photo of the Royal Selfie and said, 'This is me". At this point one of the staff got the idea that all the other lookalikes in the photo were the real deal and that I must therefore be the real Camilla. She clapped her hands across her mouth and exclaimed loudly.' No, no,' I said hastily, 'Sono una sossia' (I'm a lookalike). By this time the staff and clients in the salon were riveted and clearly quite taken by the idea that they had a celebrity in their midst.

    As the morning progressed (and my cries of protest got louder as more and more of my hair hit the floor) it became obvious that clients were texting their friends as more and more prospective customers 'called by' to make an appointment. It was thoroughly embarrassing and a nerve-wracking experience but I have to admit that I was pleased with the results (even more so becuse it cost me approximately half of what I pay at home!) My thanks to the lovely Fran and her staff!


Welcome to the blog for Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall Lookalike, Jane Mosse. I hope to give you an insight into what life is like when the world thinks you look like someone else!

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