• It's a Wrap! (in more ways than one, but you'll have to wait for that bit!)

    I'm very slowly recovering from a trip to the English countryside where I was taking part in a yet-to-be-revealed shoot with some of my lovely lookey-likey friends. All must remain secret dear reader until the results become public (which is always difficult when you're dying to tell someone what you've been up to!).

    I thought it might be of some interest to explain how these things are organised. Obviously a location has to be found and visited by the team to ensure that the surroundings are going to be suitable. This is where being a Royal lookalike is of huge benefit as the production team are usually looking for somewhere that appears very palatial with expensive furnishings and ornaments.

    Giving a film production company permission to use your house (or should that be 'hyce'?) is also a lucrative way of making money. Many of our stately homes are sadly crumbling around their owners so advertising your house as a location is a sensible move. If you want to have a nose at some of the amazing places available (or have one of your own) click here.

    The client usually wants to know what costume you have so photos are taken and forwarded and the client then selects what they would like you to wear. You then have to lug an extremely heavy suitcase full of outfits, jewels and accessories halfway across the country only to discover that the client has changed their mind and they want you to wear something that they have brought along themselves!

    Shoots tend to start very early as it takes a long time to get the whole 'cast' through hair and make-up. I always enjoy having my make-up done professionally and often wish I could have my own person at home to glam me up every morning! However, it's often necessary to use the loo as a dressing-room as there is very little privacy and the camera team enjoy the odd candid shot of you dishabille! Make-up is touched up throughout the day and costume tweaked occasionally as continuity is essential. Days are long, there is often little chance to eat and it is extremely intensive being the focus of a team of about twenty people who are viewing your every move with a critical eye or falling about laughing when you're trying o be deadly serious.

    What I particularly love with my work is the chance to meet with a creative group of people who hail from all the four corners of the world. I love the cosmopolitan mix of often eccentric and diverse characters who all come with thier own life stories, successes and ambitions. On this shoot I was lucky to meet with two emerging directors, both extremely talented in their own right. As soon as we can go public I intend letting you in on their amazing work. Watch this space.

    I always enjoy meeting the client when we first go on set as it is so amusing for people to see the Royal family draped around their living room or munching a sandwich in their kitchen! It's also quite a relief when someone greets you warmly with, "And you must be Camilla!" (Phew, you think. Wouldn't it be awful if they said, "And who are you supposed to be?")

    One sadness is that photography is absolutely forbidden so mobile phones have to be surrendered along with any other devices that might sneak an image out of the buidling. This is such a pity when there are so many funny moments that you'd love to be able to capture to show the folks back home!

    So, stay tuned for the latest romp folks! It should be a giggle!


Welcome to the blog for Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall Lookalike, Jane Mosse. I hope to give you an insight into what life is like when the world thinks you look like someone else!

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