• A Right Royal Affair!

    And what a knees-up it was!

    To begin at the beginning (and apologies for my late accounting of the Queen's visit but one was exhausted!)

    Our wonderful local airline Aurigny very generously flew both the Queen and Prince Charles to the island on Thursday where they were greeted by beautiful sunshine (and an awful lot of security measures but that's another story!) The Guernsey Press photographer managed to get some good shots of us outside the plane and a great one of the Queen arriving with her duty free purchases!

    Going through security in order to get 'airside' proved interesting, especially when my Prince of Wales feather brooch set the alarms off!

    On Friday morning we were guests on local BBC Radio with the lovely JKT and seemed to keep the listeners amused with stories of our strange lookey-likey lives. You can tune in here if you missed it. (We come in at about 1 hr 38 mins)

    In the evening the Queen and I were picked up by taxi. It was only then that I realised that it would have been sensible to warn the poor driver who he was picking up as he nearly had a coronary in our drive-way! Needless to say we had to have our photos taken in all our glory.

    We arrived at the venue (the wonderful St James', now a concert-hall,) which had been beautifully adorned both inside and out for the evening. We three royals put a smile on a few faces when the guests started to arrive and our local photographer, the amazing Chris George, took oodles of brilliant photos that you can see here. Many of the guests had really gone to town with their dress and there was much red, white and blue in the way of fancy waistcoats and bow-ties. However, my absolute favourite had to be a gentleman who came dressed as a pillar-box who seemed to remain inside it for the entire evening. Quite how he got to eat his meal I'm not sure unless he had it posted through the slot mouthful by mouthful!

    The Queen was asked to sit with the generous sponsors, Investec, and Charles and I were with the lovely Priaulxs and other racing enthusiasts (not to mention Jenson Button's manager: well I had to drop that one in didn't I?)

    Now I have to embarrass myself by confessing that I know not a thing about motor racing. I switched off after James Hunt retired and haven't paid much attention since then. So when Andy asked me, on camera, what I thought of the shiny car parked outside the venue I was a little non-plussed! Well, it was black, and shiny and well, er.......... I actually preferred the red one!

    So, we had a wonderful evening and, what is more important, saw the charity The Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation raise more than £15000 thanks to the very generous prizes that had been donated and the equally generous bids made by the guests. I do hope that I can do more to help such a brilliant cause.

    Below are some of the photos to record the Royal visit. More to follow folks! (Oh, and I forgot to mention giving yet another taxi driver a coronary on the way home!)



  • Royal visit

    The last couple of days have proved busy as, wait for it, THE QUEEN is coming to stay! (oh, well, okay, it's the lookey-likey one). Nevertheless one does feel that everything has to be just so for Her Majesty.

    The purpose of Mary's visit (Mary Reynolds, our lookey-likey Queen) is to support a wonderful local charity established by the Priaulx family, the Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation. You can read all about their wonderful work on the website. We're going to be joined by 'Charles' (Guy Ingle) who does the most wonderful impression of HRH and will be doing a meet and greet at a do on Friday.

    Firstly, however, we have a wonderful photo opportunity at the airport where I will be meeting Charles and The Queen off their flight. Let's hope the sun shines for us!

    On Friday morning we'll be appearing on local BBC Radio to promote the event so if you're not otherwise engaged then do listen in to BBC Radio Guernsey at 11am.

    Below Andy Priaulx (and yes, ladies, he is good looking!) Some of the preparations for the Royal visit (a little light reading and an appropriate mug for Her Majesty's tea) followed by some of the floral tributes. (i's a good job we have understanding neighbours!)

    Tune in again to read about me meeting the lovely Andy Priaulx, three times winner of the World Touring Car Championship at the end of the week!



  • Metro, Metro, Read all about it!

    Great news via Twitter that I'd made it to a feature in The Metro UK!! Not the best of photos in my opinion but if other people think so then that's fine by me! I'm pleased they thought that I was so convincing.

    Funnily enough the phone rang this morning. My husband picked up the hand-set and handed it to me saying, "It's The Queen for you". I was furiously whispering "Have you wished her a happy birthday?"

    The Queen was actually ringing to tell me about her latest video which you can see here. A musical recording with the charming Andre Rieu who had written a new piece, The Windsor Waltz, as a present for Her Majesty. Charles and I were really miffed not to get that job. However, real life is reflected in our work, everyone still wants the Queen!

    Meanwhile our lovely Queen (the real one for a change) is of course celebrating her 90th birthday. A wonderful achievement by any standards but for a lady who has worked so hard all her life it seems a truly amazing milestone.

    While as a lookey-likey I wonder what the future will bring for Camilla and Charles I can only say LONG MAY SHE REIGN! Happy Birthday Your Majesty.



  • Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

    Needless to say with the Queen's birthday looming large this week everyone is using the occasion to promote themselves. The Toby Carvery decided to have our lovely lookey-likey Royal Family drop in for a festive lunch and great fun was had by all! The difficult bit was having to pretend to eat a plate full of roast dinner and not actually being allowed to dig in to the Yorkshire puddings!

    The customers who'd called in for their favourite meal were somewhat taken aback to find the Royal family standing at the carvery in a dignified line and then settling down to wish Her Majesty a Happy Birthday. Catch up with the fun here.



  • Back to Reality

    The world of lookalikes is undoubtedly a strange one. The fine line between one's doppelganger and oneself can become strangely blurred at times.

    The life of a lookalike agency has been a real life comedy situation waiting to be discovered and the recent programme being aired on Channel 4, Lookalikes, is evidence of that. Andy Harmer, who is himself a Beckham lookalike, runs an agency which boasts a wonderful cast list. The series explores the rather surreal day to day life of the agency with its many ups and downs.

    While most of the programme is a side-splitting laugh there are occasional insights into the real issues faced by both the agency and the lookailke. One of the worst is obviously the death of one's doppelganger (consider the demise of the Diana lookailkes whose income evaporated overnight) but perhaps even more concerning are the Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savilles who would probably be safer walking around in a hoodie than flaunting their looks to the world now.

    The popularity of a lookalike is a reflection of what is happening in the real world. Fame can dissolve overnight but it can also arrive like a thunderbolt. Girls who resemble Kate Middleton came onto the scene in their scores when it became clear that Kate was to be married to William. Since then the major events that have so far punctuated their lives have brought work for the lookalikes. Young girls with long brown hair in blue dresses decorated the media for several weeks. However, the number of really convincing 'Kates' has been whittled down to a handful. Heidi Agen and Jodie Bredo remain the most popular, each having an uncanny resemblance to the real deal. The now recognised 'Kate effect' where products worn and used by Kate sell out overnight have brought about many opportunities for work for the girls.

    Needless to say the 'Queen' never ceases to be on the wanted list. Her up-and-coming birthday has meant that there have been endless requests for her lookalike to be hired. Mary Reynolds, who has become the most popular Queen lookalike, frequently travels the world and has recently been working in Turkey, Germany, Scotland and Holland. Quite where she finds the energy I do not know!

    Meanwhile Charles and Camilla bumble along as do their real life counterparts: often third choice on anyone's list of Royals. However, Guy Ingle who is renowned for his impressions of HRH has perfected all the mannerisms and the voice of our future King. Short of the Queen dying it's difficult to know when things will change!

    And as for Camilla? Well, she's simply marvelous!!



Welcome to the blog for Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall Lookalike, Jane Mosse. I hope to give you an insight into what life is like when the world thinks you look like someone else!

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