Camilla Lookalike

Jane has featured on both BBC TV and Radio in her role as Camilla Duchess of Cornwall Lookalike and on ITV news in the Channel Islands.


Jane was most fortunate in starting at the top with work for photographic artist, Alison Jackson  for her book 'Kate and Wills up the Aisle' . July 2012 saw the launch of  'The Celebrity Bitchslap News', for BBC3 TV. Photos have also appeared regularly in The Sunday Times 'Fake Take'  feature.

In 2011 Jane appeared in the sensational T-Mobile viral spoof of the Royal Wedding which has now had more than 28 million hits world-wide.  Newspapers and TV stations across the globe commented on the uncanny likeness of Jane to Camilla.

In 2013 Jane appeared in a spoof video for and in a photoshoot for Shloer with Alison Jackson and for Ladbrokes in the run-up to the birth of the royal baby. December 2013 saw Prince George's first Christmas with Alison Jackson and for Kleenex. 2014 featured work with Australian sleepwear designer Peter Alexander and for 2015 started with a shoot for The Body Shop to celebrate Mother's Day.